Give thanks – Day 1

It’s kind of a necessity to start with this… I am so grateful for my family.

I know it’s cliché but I’ve been through thick and thin with them. I mean I haven’t been as open with my family as maybe a normal person would be, but I know that they are there for me. And behind the teasing and the joking with my siblings, I know they’d stand up for me against a non family member. And likewise, although they’re a pain and we wind each other up so much, I’d do the same for them. I mean we only wind each other up so much because we know each other really well and we’re probably just really similar. :L I know I don’t verbally express my gratitude to them enough, I guess the main way I show that I love them is by making cups of tea and cooking for them, and, of course, giving hugs. xD Apparently my hugs are too long ;) Family relationships are, in my opinion kind of odd. I mean you all grow up together, you know each other so well, you eat together, sleep together. You know what everyone likes and dislikes, but more importantly you know what they’re like. Really like. And whilst you do rub each other up the wrong way constantly, you also take it the most personally when they try to give advice or criticise your behaviour. They are the ones you can always rely on, to give you their honest opinion, to hug you, to be available for a chat, to love you even when they’re furious with you. At the end of the day, they’re your family, and they always will be. ❤



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