Hope never fails. (pros attempt part 1)

They knocked on the door, throwing it open before anyone on the other side could respond. Striding in, they assumed their position in the sexy, leather chairs before the hearth, both of them side by side, relishing in their new-found power. Quietly and demurely, she followed behind and took place as usual on the ground by the door, farthest from the glowing warmth of the fire. She shivered slightly. Then there was the glare. As if they were beating her all over again. “Ungrateful wretch” she could hear them screaming at her in her mind, “we just brought you inside, under a roof, out of the cold, and all you can do is sit there and shiver. Attention-seeker! So unappreciative!” And in her mind they went on and on.

Their ‘hosts’ (if we can call them that) barely knew how to react. They were slightly dumbfounded by the temerity of these near-strangers.  They glanced at each other, clearly agitated. The glance said it all, really; who do they think they are?! They don’t even know us, yet they’re arrogant enough to assume that they can just simply waltz in here and take our seats. As if they deserve even the clothes on their backs. I wonder if they’ve ever done an honest days work in their lives or if they’ve always simply taken what wasn’t theirs!

She made herself as small as possible, she prepared herself for the confrontation which she knew would ensue. It always did. She still held the weakest of hopes that she’d somehow be saved. It may have been the faintest hope, but it was still a hope, and hope is pretty hard to destroy. You can make it shrink without too much difficulty. Throw in some heart break and shatter some dreams, sow seeds of discouragement and words of belittlement into someone’s life, till they believe they are the worthless creature that’s being described and maybe, just maybe you might break them. You might break the back of their spirit. And yet, there always remains, no matter how dim, the flicker of hope in someone’s heart. And even if the flame smoulders, it can be rekindled with a simple word, a heartfelt act of kindness, the love which is passed on through smiles and glances.

Even in the wettest and coldest of weathers, it is not impossible to start a fire. I mean, sure it isn’t easy, but since when was anything worthwhile easy to create? The joy comes from the struggle, through the darkest night, joy comes with the hope of dawn. And although you may not yet know how long your night will last, your dawn will come. Just you wait and see.

He will not crush the weakest reed or put out a flickering candle. He will bring justice to all who have been wronged. (Isaiah 42:3)

Part 2 – You raise me up 🌼


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