Give thanks – Day 3

Despite the deep emotional struggle I have surrounding this, I can’t really leave food out from this list. It is true that my actions don’t always demonstrate my appreciation for food, but whenever someone makes an effort I always try to show that I am grateful for what they’ve done to prepare it.
I am quite ashamed of certain ways I behaved in secondary school and in sixth form. I used to throw away my lunch everyday when instead I could have just not taken lunch to school which would have wasted less. My friends, concerned that I never ate, used to try guilt tripping me into eating by pointing out my wastefulness and how so many people don’t have enough to eat. And, to be honest, it did not help. Not one bit. :L
I am honestly grateful that I have food and last year at uni, whilst I was restricting my own intake, I would buy food for homeless people. Hungry people value food more. And certainly, although I don’t have a lot in common with these beautiful people, sadly sleeping rough, I can understand what it’s like to go to bed with an empty stomach, which compels me into action to feed the hungry, as Jesus would want me to.

Woahh xD rainbows 😄

Woahh xD rainbows 😄


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