You raise me up. 🎶 (Pros attempt part 2)

Back to the young lady. She sat quietly and unassumingly in the midst of this provoked hostility, wanting to mediate and apologise on their behalf, but also knowing that if she uttered the slightest word against them, she’d surely pay for it later. She hated conflict. Caught between the struggle of wanting to do good, but also her sense of self-preservation, she debated backwards and forwards in her mind. Surely there was no certainty that anything she could say could calm the situation. But she desperately wanted to be a peace-keeper. But what if she just made it all worse. They’re the adults, they know better surely how these things work, they’ll know best how to solve this. She sighed, deeply.

All this time she’d been in her own private world, blocking out the situation, but as she opened her eyes and looked up, she was startled to see one of the hosts peering at her, bemused. They looked like they were waiting for something. She panicked. Had they asked her something while she was away with the fairies??

“Hi there, are you okay down there?”

“Uhh, yeah…?” She really didn’t know how to respond. She glanced over at the vultures sitting by their fire. What would they do, now that she’d spoken? And then it hit her. She was nearly an adult, she didn’t need to care what they thought, although she was afraid. But, honestly, she was tired of being intimidate and manipulated by them. She didn’t want to be afraid anymore. And with that, she looked up into their kind eyes and smiled.

The hand which reached down and out towards her, to pull her up off the ground startled her. No one had ever been so kind as these strangers, and in such a short amount of time.

“Come on,” they beckoned, softly.

She’d never been able to trust her own so-called ‘guardians’, but she felt like she could trust these nameless hosts she’d only just met. She grasped their arm with both hands and let them help her up. She felt slightly uncomfortable looking over at them, she’d never been raised up on a higher level than them. It just wasn’t allowed.

Then she met their hostile gaze. She looked at her new protector for assurance and they met her eyes with a warm smile. One of those smiles that you just can’t help but return. She felt her cheeks ache a little as she smiled genuinely for the first time in at least a year.

“Would you like a cup of tea and some cake? Come and join us at our table, you’re more than welcome darling.”

She could sense them fuming behind her, to her left. Once again she felt the battle in her mind, she looked down, really focusing on her shoes to avoid the danger of eye contact. Although she really didn’t want to appear rude, surely they would punish her later for such insolence, for accepting something which wasn’t offered to them.

She stopped for a moment and lifting her chin defiantly, she spoke for herself for the first time in a long while.

“Yes please, that would be quite lovely,” she beamed at them, taking a step forwards.

The LORD lifts up the humble; he casts the wicked to the ground.

(Psalm 147:6)

Part 1: Hope never fails 🌈


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