Give thanks – Day 4 (Sorry this one is longer than the others! :L)

At present I am sitting in my new room, relaxing after having unpacked and put away my things. (And I’m ngl pretty proud of myself for all I have done today!) I can hear the rain, pounding pretty violently on the plastic shed roof across from my window. It’s an impressive sound. And, for sure, one of my all-time favourite sounds is the sound that raindrops make on the outside of the tent when I’m inside. It’s just simply beautiful. So I want to express gratitude for the rain today.

My parents dropped me off, helping me get my stuff in my new room and then we went together to a pub down the road for dinner. We got absolutely drenched on the way there and back. Some days I hate rain, but other days I really enjoy the feeling of the rain on my skin. I relish that chance to catch the raindrops in my hair. And I enjoy tracing the path the raindrops make on the outside of the window, whilst sitting in the warm. Some days I just love rain. Today was not one of those days. It is mid-September now, so it’s not really cold, but it is a little nippy when damp. And damp we were. (Also, my parents didn’t have their raincoats, so I felt bad that they were getting especially wet.) But once we got to the pub, I noticed the dry and the warmth inside. We appreciated the warm food and the break from being out in the elements. And maybe there will always be some days when you just cannot like the rain, but I don’t think that means you can’t still appreciate it. Rain is life. The earth can’t function without it. We need to challenge our negative thoughts towards ‘bad’ weather and realise what a blessing it is, and a lifeline. Sure, it’s pretty natural to dislike the discomfort due to the rain, but look at creation!

In England, we like to talk about the weather a lot. I don’t know why, we just do. And we like to complain about the rain. (To be fair to us, we do get more than our fair share of it!) But look at how lush our country is! It amazes me how green England is and how huge a role nature has truly played in my life growing up. I love it! So maybe you’re facing some ‘rain’ in your life today. Just think about the beautiful (metaphorical) rainbow you’ll get afterwards, and also think about the lovely flowers and trees growing as a result. You have no idea how this will shape your world. ☔


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