Give thanks – Day 7

– Hmmm, today is a beautiful day, but I’m not going to choose the sun or the lovely weather as my object of gratitude today.  I am not always sure that this is the case, but I want to thank God for emotions. This is mainly due to the fact that for the past maybe four days? I have basically felt no emotions, just numbness and emptiness. And it’s not bad or good it’s just meh, but it is disconcerting to feel nothing if I’m honest. I mean, sure I don’t like how I feel when my mood’s really low, but I’d rather have a low baseline and occasionally peak, rather than this dullness. It literally feels as though I am looking at the world through a fog which is wrapped around my mind. I guess no emotions are bad emotions, they are all a gift from God, and it is only what you do in response to feelings which is good or bad. Emotions are just very human. If we had no emotions, we wouldn’t be able to empathise, or love or be angry at injustice. God definitely uses feelings. If we didn’t have them, then we’d be robots. So thank you God for emotions and although I’m not feeling anything right now, thank you that you have not created us to be cold, mechanical robots, but warm humans capable of great kindness.


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