Give thanks – Day 5

I want to share how blessed I have been by my best friend and how grateful I am for her. I shall call her Sharon. Right from year 9 I think? She and I have been so close, just us against the world. It’s not exactly been the easiest of rides. I mean the rest of our friendship group has been jealous of the closeness between us. It’s simply arisen because she’s easy to talk to and open up to and she doesn’t miss a trick. So, although my other friends still have no idea about what’s been going on in my life, which has been a source of friction between us, (even though they don’t  know what about, they are aware they’re being left out of the loop) yet Sharon has stayed firmly and loyally by my side this whole time. In more than a few instances she has been my voice of reason, when the thoughts in my head have terrified me she’s been there, calmly telling me what I needed to hear at that time. She’s a brilliant friend and I only wish I were as good and kind a friend to her. 🌠

best friend


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