Give thanks – Day 9

Words. They have the power to give life and drain it. Power to promote and encourage or to drag someone down to the ground and through the dirt. Okay, this will sound pathetic xD but my boyfriend and I like to write letters to each other. They don’t tend to be soppy and lovey-dovey, but rather quite philosophical. We chat about the meaning of life and how God is working and revealing himself to us in our lives. We can’t help but express our affection and encourage one another. It is awesome to be able to lift someone’s spirits for a little while with a few simple words. Recently, within the past couple of months I have tried to forget what people might think and not care about it, if I want to say something I go for it! In the past, I’ve always been quiet and lacking confidence and, as a result, quite a few times when I’ve said things, people haven’t heard and I haven’t had enough confidence to speak up. Today, for example, (I may have been quite manic, but that’s besides the point) I started so many conversations with strangers, or I smiled and say good morning/afternoon to people in the street and I told one lady she had cool hair xD Seriously though, you never know the impact your words can have on someone’s day, on their life even. So speak only words of kindness, to encourage other people, friends and strangers.



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