Give thanks – Day 10

Well, I know I have already said thank you for family, but I thought I should dedicate a day of this challenge to my parents. Parents don’t have it easy do they. My sister had an unplanned pregnancy and decided to keep the baby. (Oh my word am I happy that she did!) I have had the amazing privilege of watching him grow up and helping just a wee bit where I can. My nephew is the sweetest and most cheeky darling and I am so so glad my sister didn’t choose abortion over life. But it has not been easy for my sister. I think she does an amazing job with him, but he didn’t come with a manual! :L My mum is the most remarkable woman. She is so wise and often gives me advice (although I don’t always listen!), she’s so kind and does so much for our family (not always without moaning ngl ;)), but she just inspires me. My father also has sacrificed a lot for us. He works hard, even though he is often stressed; he does this because he loves us and he can be pretty weird, but we love him. I guess my dad through working full time and my mum through being a stay-at-home mum, have each sacrificed different things for love, so that we would be safe, comfortable and looked after. I love them. ❤



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