Give thanks – Day 11

I feel one thing I must be thankful for is my sense of sight. I’ve always been super keen at art and anything creative. Mainly because it just feels so therapeutic, although recently I haven’t pursued it much at all. Maybe that’s part of the reason I get overwhelmed with stress and never know how to cope. Anyways, I would hate to lose my sight because

tumblr_mcfn0rytzX1rip2d8o1_500a) I wouldn’t be able to appreciate the sky and the trees and nature in general
b) it’d be so difficult to study and read the bible and about physics.
c) I wouldn’t be able to look people in the face and smile, or just appreciate the way their face looks from different angles and in different lightings xD

So basically, sight is cool, thanks God, eyes are kinda awesome :D


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