Give thanks – Day 15

My friends would literally be so shocked if I didn’t include this one in the 30 day challenge…FIRE!!
I don’t know if there’s any fellow pyromaniacs amongst you guys out there… but I’m sure secretly everyone loves fire :DI like fire Hehe I recently bought some lighters, and people keep asking me, “Do you smoke?” and for whatever reason, they seem slightly confused and scared when I tell them I bought them simply because I love fire :3
Is that odd? I don’t think so but then again maybe I’m not the best person to ask… :L

My family home is so close to the sea, and I love that! Many a happy memory was created with sand between my toes. :’) One of my favourite beach activities has to be bonfires. We have often been as a family to the beach and a couple of times with our church. It is just great. I love watching the flames jump and dance, I love to be able to hear the crashing waves and whilst there’s light to skim stones on the water’s surface… It’s just such a priviledge. And I love to be able to observe the changes in the colours in the sky- it’s like we’re watching as God paints layer upon layer.

Paint me like one of your French Girls

I made some art… :L

So, thank you God for the beauty of fire. Thank you for the times it inspires us in some way, or it is useful for cooking etc. xD Woooo fiiiiire *^_^* And thank you for the light it gives and that you, Jesus, are the light of the world! :D


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