Give thanks – Day 16

She barely has time to write her name on the front and take a few deep breaths to calm her nerves before she hears that both exhilarating and terrifying phrase, ” you may begin, you have two hours”. As she joins in with the rest of them, turning frantically to the first page, the race against the clock starts.
She knows the grade she needs, to get into the course she wants, to get the ‘right’ job. She has it all sorted in her mind. She just needs these two hours of her life to go as well as she hopes.
I am that girl. Staying up late into night with the desperate glint of a madman in her eyes, needing to learn that extra formula, understand that derivation or the root of that foreign word. I am a student. I love to learn. (Although I am not a very good reader- numbers and symbols make more sense to a physicist than the mysteries of words…)
The mind is one of the greatest gifts from God. It distinguishes us from the other creatures of this planet.


Jesus said:

 ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ (Matthew 22:37)

I think it’s pretty clear that one way of worshipping God is through studying diligently and using your brain wisely.
So, thank you God for the human mind.


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