Give thanks – Day 18

I’ve already expressed how much I love learning, but what helps you learn?
The other day my academic tutor said this (paraphrased xD):

“Your lectures are invaluable. About 10 hours research may go into finding all the information for the lecture. So, in essence, you’re efficiently condensing 10 hours of study into one.”

The teacher is essential to the learning process. They are an indispensable resource; because they understand the more complex ideas already, they are able to explain them to someone who doesn’t yet get it. It would be impossible for me to explain something to you if I don’t understand it myself, likewise it would be quite challenging to teach myself something from a book because often they assume a certain base level of knowledge. Teachers are so important for learning, for lectures, they put in the extra hours so you don’t have to.

In school, you could always tell which teachers were there because they enjoyed teaching and who was only there because it was the only job they could get. Clearly, the most enjoyable lessons were the ones with the most passionate and energetic teachers. I always liked to make sure the teachers knew I appreciated what they did, by thanking them after lessons and sending them cards for Christmas, or when I left the school. Perhaps as you read that you had particular teachers in mind who inspire you, well maybe you should let them know that. :)


(If you haven’t already guessed, I like Einstein xD)
Thank you God for teachers, help me to see the gifts in others and to share the gifts and knowledge you have given me, and not to be too proud to listen.


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