Give thanks – Day 20

I love the skies.

I love star gazing and pretending that because I do physics I know all about astronomy ( I know about 3 constellations). Oh I actually saw a shooting star last night btw!! :D

~5am, on the ferry to France.

(~5am, on the ferry to France)

Last year I let my body clock get so messed up by pulling all nighters, or just staying up until 5/6am…
I couldn’t help that I tended to get manic after midnight, but I was also very disorganised, so every time I had a lab report to finish or problems sheets to complete, it pretty much always got left till last minute, where there’d be a mad rush to finish them and the work would take precedence over sleeping.
But I did get the privilege of listening the birds start to sing in the morning and seeing how the sky lightened as the sun rose in the sky.
I love camping as well, I love everything about it, one thing I love is that you wake up naturally earlier when the sun rises. But it is also awesome to watch the sun set in the evenings too. *^_^*
I love watching the colours change, it’s like God is painting layer upon layer of the sky.

Thank you God for the beauty and the colours of the skies, especially when the sun is rising and setting.  :D


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