Give thanks – Day 23

Trees are so cool, I love how they grow and change and how they stay the same. One of my favourite films (don’t judge xD) is Ever After, here’s one of the scenes:everafter.png

(The prince, talking about some trees :L)

“I’ve measured my life by these trees… …starting here…
…all the way up there…
…And still they grow”

As a kid I loved climbing trees so much. I was such a tomboy (which to be fair was to be expected, being surrounded by three brothers). We used to live in a little house in an area which was stroking the countryside, there was a line of beautiful cherry blossoms right outside our doorstep. Every day, especially in the summer, we’d hurry home from school so we could climb the trees.
We never had nosebleeds in our family, thankfully *^_^*, but the one time my middle brother had a nose bleed was after falling out of one of these trees. Many happy memories from my childhood are linked to these trees, whether that was climbing them, or taking the pink blossom flowers to give to my mum. Many happy memories. This summer I visited Paris for the first time and, as you’d expect, one of our tourist port-of-calls was the Eiffel Tower. Most of the group paid to go up there, some even multiple times, but I stayed nervously on the ground. It is a shame how things can change over time. I am quite different in many ways from the carefree child I was back then. Not all the changes for the better, but I guess I’ll only fully be able to tell with time. I never thought about falling. I didn’t fear the height of the tree because I had so much more confidence in my own ability, and I trusted in the earth and the grass to cushion my fall if I did. Although the possibility of falling barely entered my mind. I started to think more deeply, not just about the philosophical things in life, but also the things which one should probably not spend so much time pondering. The bible says, “Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to your life?” (Luke 12:25) This is a great piece of wisdom for me because I am definitely a deep thinker and I get anxious about things which in the end never even happen. What happened to the carefree Sara-Kate? Why do we let the world harden us, harden our hearts and steal the carefree joy from our eyes and heart, replacing it with dullness of spirits and anxious minds?
Thank you God for trees, for the beauty in their branches and the fruits and flowers they bear that light up our world. May we never forget to appreciate the beauty surrounding us. Help us to rely on you and live carefree, relying on you and not worrying about tomorrow.


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