Give thanks – Day 26

In my family, it is almost impossible for us to make it through a mealtime without referencing and quoting various films. We are just a family of cinephiles. Watching films is a way that we bond as a family unit. Many memories or in-jokes are in some way linked to films. I enjoy films and TV series quite a lot, perhaps too much. ;) I suppose if I didn’t I would read a lot more and that would be more beneficial for my mind, but at times when I have been too tired to read, my mind doesn’t want to focus on anything much, or my depression has been really bad, watching films or TV episodes has been a way of coping, a method of focus whatever energy I have on something, rather than sleeping away the days, or turning to a less than satiable coping mechanisms. I especially enjoy watching TV series or films which I can fundamentally relate to, with characters I can connect with because they have experienced some of the same struggles I deal with. Father God, thank you for the art of films, the way it can bring people together, help me to be mindful of you when I am watching a film, to see what you could be saying to me through it, and thank you for the way I have been able to use it as a way of avoiding hurting myself.

family faves and best films end of really ;)


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