Give thanks – Day 29

I think I must be known as a) the silliest and possibly weirdest person in many of my friends’ lives, but also b) the joyful one who is often laughing. Which in some ways must seem quite strange to you reader, knowing what goes on in my mind, and possibly being able to relate. I think a lot of people would just tell me to stop lying about something like that because there’s no way that someone as happy and carefree as myself could ever possible suffer from depression or anxiety. I think it’s true that many people who are actually the saddest try the hardest to cheer up other people, to entertain them because they know better than most what it is like to feel absolutely miserable as though there is really no reason to go on. I love it when I can help people to smile. :D Father God, may I never lose that precious value that I place on laughter and joy, may I continue to share the joy you have placed in my heart, even on the days when I am feeling no joy whatsoever. Father, help me to be more open with people about the struggles and battles I fight in my mind.

Hehe laughing owl xD


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