Sorry I’m late for everything… #Christmaspost

I wanted to write this post earlier, now it just seems outdated haha, but I have been quite busy with birthdays, festivities, revision, exams, and a new term starting. I wanted to write a little about Christmas.

I am the kind of person if you don’t really like Christmas all that much, you will probably want to murder half of the year. I started counting down to Christmas from August…
So I had been super excited for Christmas for agessssss.

The day came, we went to church in the morning and enjoyed a wonderful roast dinner afterwards. After lunch we watched the Queen’s speech (for the first time ever!) and opened some presents. It was lovely to have my 4 year old nephew with us for Christmas, somehow it always makes it more exciting with young children around. He was super excited with each of his presents, no matter what it was, and came to it completely unassumingly and not expecting anything in particular.

For some reason my mood plummeted in the afternoon so I retreated to my room and just slept it off. I suppose I had stayed up until 3a.m. writing long Christmas cards for my family the night before, but also my mood was sadly affected by the gifts I received. On this day, the presents received are essentially irrelevant compared to the greatest gift ever given: a chance of becoming whole once again, of knowing God.  Now don’t get me wrong I’m not materialistic, growing up in a large (ish) family, with only one parent working I’m not exactly familiar with receiving lavish gifts.
I don’t want to be ‘spoiled’, it actually makes me quite uncomfortable sometimes to receive gifts. I just want to know that people care about the small things, that they notice the foods I bang on about xD the hobbies I love, my quirks and unique characteristics.

I have three brothers and a sister and every Christmas we do a Secret Santa. This year my sister had me, part of my gift was some Mehndi tubes. This made me really happy, because I love to Henna. It wasn’t an expensive gift, but it was a thoughtful one. It made me feel cherished.

Just to summarise my ramblings, do not let your happiness be tied up in the things around you. As Passenger sings,

“Maybe one day you’ll understand why everything you touch surely dies”

And I think that’s true. We invest ourselves in things that are tangible, because they seem so secure since we can touch them. But we don’t know how to continue and to re-make ourselves when they are taken from us.
How do you go on with life when you have put your heart and soul into your career, having found your dream job, only to lose it when they downsize? Was all that effort for nothing? Surely there’s no point in trying again when you’d already found the ‘perfect job’. Or if you have invested your heart and planned a future with your significant other only to have them tragically snatched from you. It might make you want to give up, because you struggle to imagine a life without them. But the thing is, you never know when you will lose something or someone who is precious to you. You can’t base your self-worth on things that are unstable, you need a firm foundation.

I strongly believe that people are born with an inherent desire for something more than what we can see and touch, and that something is a relationship with God, our heavenly father.

“He has planted eternity in the human heart” (Ecclesiastes 3:11)

If people try and fill the space of God with things and people they will end up just feeling empty and like life is meaningless (which it is without the love of God). So ask God today to reveal where you’re pointlessly attempting to replace God with emptiness and think how you can reach out to other people and show them that they are so precious. Show you care about the details, as you know that God cares about the most ‘minor’ details in your life.

Take care, God bless :) xoxo



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