Love yourself – I

So, I’m going to start this ‘Love yourself’ challenge… I’ll try and do it everyday, but I do have revision to be getting on with (should really be doing it right now :L)

Day 1: Introduce yourself -Physically and your personality

Hi there, I’m Sara-Kate and I’m 20 years old. I have long brown hair, shorter than it was a few days ago as my mum trimmed it the other day (Side note: I’ve never been to a hair salon!!). Umm I have hazel and brown eyes which are apparently quite large for my face? My nails are currently painted dark red with sparkles, although it is starting to look quite chipped…probably need to re-do them soon. I’m sorry guys, this must be quite a boring read, aha it’s just a stream of my consciousness :’) I am sat right now in my freezing room, with many layers and a poncho blanket!! It’s so awesome I love it xD Aha anyways, other than it being cold, I also have Raynaud’s, which means I especially don’t like the cold, but then who does? Maybe Penguins? Nah, even they can’t like it!

That’ll do for the physical side I think. Now, personality… I guess I’m nice? Sometimes? Like I try to help people and keep places tidy and make sure people are comfortable. I make lots of cups of tea and coffee :D (I drink a lot of coffee too xD) I really do like tidying. It’s weird, but I just like things to be well organised, like putting the shopping away, for example chocolate biscuits need to be packed just so in the tin. I can be quite energetic and bouncy, some people at uni refer to me as ‘Tigger’ (from Winnie the Pooh), although I can also be very mopey if I’m feeling depressed or ‘heavy’, and can stay in bed lots and avoid people, despite being a very definite extrovert. Other than that, I love sleeping in late anyway. :3 Oh and I’m sometimes great and sometimes really bad at accepting compliments, again it just depends on my mood and how my mind is working that day. Whether it’s going to over analyse whatever people say to me…

So I’m average looking, I think a lot and I’m lazy? xD haha yup, that’s me :)

Day 1: check ✓


Hehe it’s me xD (appreciate the blanket poncho!! :D)

Love yourself ♥


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