Love yourself – II

Day 2: Why am I doing the love yourself challenge?

Put simply there is no place for self-hatred or self-loathing within Christianity. We are called to live by love, loving others as ourselves, but how can we do that if we don’t love ourselves? Of course people who don’t love themselves are capable of amazing, kind things, but possibly it is not easy to love others if you’re giving out from an empty pot. When you love God and you’re assured of His love for you, your heart is full of love to give out. Your heart overflows and you can give unconditionally, not needing anything in return, not desiring reciprocated affections because you are loved by God and that is enough.

I want to learn to live a little more like Jesus did, not caring if people should like him or not, in fact knowing they would reject him. But he did what he’d been sent to do anyway, because he knew he was loved by his heavenly father.

And Jesus listened. He seemed to have a habit of rising early to get alone time with God, he knew the only opinion of him that mattered. God’s. I want to learn a bit more what it truly is to live for God’s eyes only. Through practice and discipline we can improve our listening skills to tune in to what God thinks of us and, in time, hopefully come to know it as truth.

Perhaps this is not the case for everyone, but at points the low self-esteem I have experienced has come from my pride and fear of man. From not being fully submitted to God. It is not His will that we should live in fear, but on too many occasions I have let my anxieties dictate my actions.

I wish to submit my mind again to God, to commit to learning to view myself how He sees me, so that I can better view others how He sees them, as His children.

Much love, God bless xoxox


Love yourself ♥


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