Love yourself – III

Day 3: (sorry it’s a bit late) Self portait

So today’s mini challenge is not a blog post as such, but I drew myself. I just chose a random Facebook photo and went with it. Apologies my drawing skills are sketchy at best ;)


A self-portrait (if we can call it that…) from Guy Fawke’s night 2015, which I celebrated with my housemates and it was so much fun.


Now you can see how bad my drawing really is compared to the real thing xD We’d just eaten a load of blue candyfloss so our tongues were all blueeee hehehe ^_^

P.S. Sorry, there’s a lot of negative, self-deprecating talk here… I used to be pretty good at art and drawing, but I haven’t really made time to grow in my creativity so much since being at uni, so I am not so well practised. :P But I guess I could be again if I put the hours in and besides, I am not so bad I guess xD

Love yourself ♥


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