The power of your testimony🎉

When I went to church on Sunday, I went not really expecting anything much, but, as per usual, God surprised me, exceeding my expectations. He’s good like that, blessing us more abundantly than we could ever imagine, and certainly more than we deserve. Even when my faith has been pretty low I’ve been blown away by His unfailing love for me.

Anyway, on Sunday morning I went to church. I wasn’t especially expectant of what God was going to do. In fact, when the speaker got up to preach, Mark 5:5 was on the overhead projector: “Night and day among the tombs and in the hills he would cry out and cut himself with stones.” What on earth was he going to talk about?! I was feeling a little concerned at this point that, yet again, he would be saying something theologically unsound. But he didn’t. He spoke on Mark 5:1-20, where Jesus restores a demon-possessed man, talking about ‘The power of your testimony’. It was one of the most encouraging sermons I’ve listened to in a while. Some of the things I took from this talk was that life according to the world can seem great, the demons in the man in Mark 5 made him strong, “no one was strong enough to subdue him”, but it comes at a great cost, “he would cry out and cut himself with stones”. It may seem like the world can offer everything you need, but in fact the devil will tempt you with these things and yet he only wants to cause you harm, to destroy you.

Some people claim that Christianity is restrictive, and hinders their freedom. This couldn’t be further from the truth. It speaks about Jesus restoring this man and the people who had seen him before now saw him “in his right mind”, being a Christian is not about losing your individuality and becoming the same as everyone else, following the same model. Christ restores us when he saves us to our right mind, making us more us. When we are chasing fulfilment in anything but Jesus, we lose ourselves.

The more I get to know Jesus the more I am finding myself.

Jesus tells this man in verse 19,

 “Go home to your own people and tell them how much the Lord has done for you, and how he had mercy on you.”

It says the people were amazed. Too often, I think we belittle what God does for us personally, sure Jesus died for the world, for all our sins, but he also died for each of us personally and each of us can have a unique relationship with God.

I feel challenged to:

  1. Make a note of everything, however small it may seem, that God does for me each day so that when I am struggling to believe because I feel particularly depressed for example, I can look back on some evidence of His love for me.
  2. That testimony is an act of worship. The devil would have Christians silent and comfortable, so that we don’t spread the good news and people don’t come to know Jesus and His amazing love for them. But we must tell people. Psalm 118:17 says, “I will not die but live, and will proclaim what the LORD has done!” I intend to use my social media more effectively, so that people understand how good the good news really is! :D🎉🎉

In another post I intend to tell some of my testimony, how I came to know God or rather how He called me from where I was into His loving arms. :)

Much love, God bless xoxox

psalm 118v17.png


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