Love yourself – VI

Day 6: Things I do well

I just came across this blog which I had bookmarked ages ago, but forgotten about. The organic sister. Have a look! :)

It suggests: “Create a long list of all the things you do well and read it to yourself often.” So here we go…


  1. I can make a fairly decent omelette sometimes
  2. I am a good listener
  3. I don’t talk so much, I think carefully about what I say before I say it.
  4. I am musical, I play flute, ukulele and I sing, but not as often as I could.
  5. I can infer deep things from stuff which seems superficial at first glance.
  6. I think I’m okay at writing?
  7. I give great life advice, but don’t necessarily follow it myself xD
  8. I make the best puns
  9. Cups of tea.
  10. I like to make people feel comfortable, that they have all they need and that they feel like they can confide in me and trust me with their secrets.
  11. I’m good at making people feel like they know me well and think I’m transparent, when I only really show one side of myself :P
  12. I’m not very good at managing money, but I know how to make people feel blessed and loved with my money, by treating them
  13. I am good at not being jealous of others, most of the time anyway.
  14. I’m good at saying sorry, realising when I’m wrong and when I should apologise
  15. I’m good at serving others, bringing cups of tea, tidying up, clearing the table, helping out generally around the house
  16. Appreciating nature
  17. Investing in people, messaging them kind words and making sure I meet up with them
  18. Messing up my body clock, staying up late and sleeping in :L
  19. Being a clumsy muppet, it’s really quite amusing xD
  20. Procrastinating! (Which is kinda what I’m doing now…. should be revising haha)
  21. Planning small things about the future, like how I’ll decorate my house and the coffee machine I’m going to purchase
  22. Keeping secrets
  23. Not getting angry
  24. Being creative and making small gifts, especially for Christmas and birthdays
  25. Enjoying all kinds of festivities and wanting to celebrate all the festivals in the world, from all the religions and cultures :D
  26. Talking to myself xD
  27. Laughing, at myself and my jokes and like everything xD
  28. Laughing hysterically at absolutely nothing
  29. Cuddling people, even people who say they’re not very cuddly hehe
  30. Collecting things with ‘sentimental value’
  31. Annoyingly correcting peoples’ grammar (even if it’s not in English xD)
  32. Being comfortably alone but also enjoying other peoples’ company lots and lots
  33. Drinking red bull
  34. Managing to stay super hyper and energetic for hours and days with barely any sleep
  35. Encouraging others to get involved, and drawing people in who are on the fringes.
  36. Learning
  37. Wanting to do everything, but not having enough time
  38. Entertaining myself
  39. Dreaming
  40. Finding dirty jokes and innuendos in anything people say/things I see xD
  41. Making pretty revision notes
  42. Being completely unaware of how annoying I can be/how awkward I can make a situation
  43. Forgetting my cups of coffee
  44. Dancing
  45. Keeping the conversation going
  46. Making food but then getting bored after a couple of mouthfuls and leaving it… :L
  47. Solving other peoples’ problems, coming up with new solutions, strategies (but not being able to figure out my own problems)
  48. Expressing thanks to people, showing appreciation for the things that people do for me and others.
  49. Getting super excited about studying the bible (although finding the time for that is another question)
  50. Smiling at strangers

Ta-dah! Well I think 50 is more than enough :L

Much love, God bless xoxox

♥Love yourself


Make your own list of things you’re good at!! I know there are lots of things :D



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