Love yourself – VIII

Day 8: A list of my achievements

Sometimes you can feel stuck, like you haven’t really got anywhere in life, or achieved anything. But I reckon if you sat down now with a pen and paper and really thought about your accomplishments, the things you’ve done which you’re proud of, you could write hundreds of things. And they don’t even have to be ‘huge’ for you to be proud of yourself. You don’t have to save lives. Maybe your achievements of the week include simple things like you didn’t complain about having to wash up, or bitch about that annoying person, maybe you gave a friend a hug, or made your mum a cup of tea, or got to bed early, I don’t know! xD
Anywho, here’s my list:

  1. 10 GCSE’s
  2. 5 A-level’s (Maths, Further Maths, Physics, French and Spanish)
  3. Got into university
  4. Haven’t murdered anyone :L
  5. I am still alive despite attempts on my life…
  6. I haven’t hurt myself in…6 days?
  7. I went all of lent without drinking any alcohol!
  8. I’ve made friends and settled in at university
  9. I swept the floor today and I think it looks really clean and I’m proud of that
  10. I have done a solid amount of work today
  11. I think on the whole I have dealt pretty well with the stress of university
  12. I generally respond well to conflict, in a calm manner
  13. Once I pulled 3 all-nighters over 4 days (and started hallucinating), although maybe that’s not something to be proud of…but anywho I have a strong body xD
  14. I have been more kind to my body recently, I have not been restricting my food, like I have done in the past :D
  15. I’ve helped out a fair bit with the Christian Union at uni, specifically with the International students and also with an outreach to (mostly drunk) students on a Saturday night, at the on-campus nightclub :)
  16. I’m still writing on this blog. Other times I have attempted to keep one, I have failed abysmally and given up, but I kept it up this time. :D
  17. I’ve been a good student this year, I think, putting the hours in to get the work done to the best of my ability
  18. I chose a pretty tough course: Physics. I reckon this shows how strong-willed I am, and determined.
  19. I’ve enjoyed this year more, and made the most of opportunities.
  20. I’ve written over 65 blog posts on here :D
  21. I’ve been on TV a couple of times, on ITV Westcountry news xD
  22. I’m grade 5 on the flute
  23. I used to be a waitress for a bit in an Indian restaurant (they always gave me food hehe)
  24. I have a wonderful boyfriend (not really my accomplishment as such, but eh it makes me happy xD)
  25. I have travelled to India, France and Belgium with my family
  26. I went on holiday to Spain once on my own, by plane, it was absolutely terrifying, but I managed it!
  27. I was awarded the AS-level Physics and Spanish awards for highest marks in the year
  28. I am still a Christian and eager to know God better
  29. I beat my brother at pool the other week, well technically he lost, as he potted the white when he was aiming for the black… ;)
  30. I helped with my local guide unit, I got the Baden-Powell challenge award, the Young Leaders Qualification and I’ve almost finished the adult leadership qualification… :L
  31. With Guides, in 2010 I won the Hurdlestone Challenge with my team :D
  32. I won several art competitions in Primary school, and I remember being very pleased when my art teacher in year 11 told me I was producing work of the same standard as A-level.
  33. Once I carried the civic silver oar at a parade from the town hall to a memorial, for remembrance Sunday.
  34. In primary school, I won several art competitions :D
  35. I used to sing in the choir in primary school and I was part of the choir/vocal ensemble for a bit in secondary school
  36. When I was 11/12 I remember winning a table tennis competition at a Christian summer camp

Eh, that’ll do :P That was a real challenge to write that list, especially to get started because as I was writing them it really felt as though none of the things I wrote were even worth mentioning. But on reflection, and looking back at the paragraph at the top, I just had to remind myself that even the smallest things are worth remembering if they help you to strive harder and keep trying. Really, do celebrate the small things. They’re worth being proud of. You are worth being proud of.

Much love, God bless xoxox

Love yourself ♥


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