Love yourself – IX

Day 9: Places I want to visit one day




Brazil, specifically the Amazon rainforest 



I think the desire to visit Venice, Vienna and the Amazon rainforest came from reading novels which were set there. (Eva Ibbotson is probably my favourite author, her and Shannon Hale… oh! and C.S. Lewis xD)

city of masksjourney_to_the_river_sea_cover97803304449969632749780330462631



Japan86946eabfb62474173a58670e46bf4b0I want to visit Japan and China because I have friends who live there, although I would probably visit HK and Thailand as well if I did go and see them. xD Also, the photos are so prettyyyyy^ :3

Grand Canyon


New York


I would love to visit New York and see all the sights, and eat their doughnuts xD But there’s another reason to go there…have you heard of the yellow car game?? The one where you hit the other person and say “yellow car no returns!” whenever you see one? It is a dream of mine to play this game in NY because their taxis are yellow :’)


And there are loadssss of other places I would love love love to visit one day… I just need to find the time and the money :L

God bless xoxox

Love yourself ♥


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