Love yourself – XV

Day 15: strange habits and quirks I have.


Clearly people shouldn’t be obsessed with themselves, but a lot of the time we forget to acknowledge our own awesomeness.

In recognising how great you are, in your unique way, you can better appreciate other people’s individual awesomeness which equally but entirely differently makes them beautiful.

So here are some of my ‘quirks’:

  1. Whenever I see a mini or a yellow car, I’ll (gently) hit my friend on the arm, saying “mini/yellow car, no returns!” xD
  2. I love making a wish at 11:11.
  3. I have this weird thing going where I chew my food evenly between the two sides of my mouth.
  4. fidgeting and just generally moving around lots (obviously when I’m in a (hypo-)manic state).
  5. Hehe it’s so much fun to tap people on the shoulder farthest from me and watch them turn around confused, trying to figure out who just tapped them :’)
  6. Cuddling is a very important thing in my life *^_^*
  7. I don’t like fizzy drinks, I let them go flat before I drink them :L
  8. I drink a lot of energy drinks


P.S. Apologies that I should probably be on day 60 something by now :/

♥Love yourself


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