I’m feeling much better this week compared to last week, which is good! ^_^ I’ve been in a nasty depressive episode for a couple of months and it feels as though the cloud has finally lifted.

Yesterday I made some positive changes, I deleted my Facebook app because it wastes my time lol and I also set alarms on my phone to try and give myself some structure. Does anyone else have issues with sleep? I have bad dreams a lot, so I have the logic that if I stay up super late then I’ll be too tired to dream? I don’t know if if actually works, but it’s a habit I’ve had for a while now and it’s hard to get out of it. I know when I’m tired I’m more likely to get depressed, so I should really be trying to get to bed earlier and get a good night’s rest… so I have alarms set for 10pm to tell me to get ready for bed and also for 8am because I dont have anything I absolutely have to do so I will tend to sleep in or stay in bed until gone noon…not good :p So that’s some good stuff I’ve done.
My boyfriend tells me the most important stuff I do is when I’m sad, that’s when I have to do the most work, but its also when it’s hardest to make any effort. I have to try though. Recently, as I’ve said, I’ve felt my cloud of sadness lift and I’ve been able to do stuff. It’s been great!! But I know I can’t guarantee that the cloud will stay lifted for long.
I need to learn to get on with stuff even when I am feeling like sh*t. But it’s hard, you know? But this is the next step I know I need to take to progress. It’s all well and good if I can make the most of times when I’m not feeling sh*tty, but I also have to learn more I really live when everything in my head is telling my to give in.
I hope you’re doing okay, as you’re reading this. I love you and God bless xoxox


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