Love yourself – XVIII

Day 18: how have I loved myself

I know I still have a lot of work to do in my mind. But aside from working on how I perceive myself and having a positive body image, there are practical things that I can do and that I have done to love myself. <!–more–>
Here are some ways I have:

  • Trying to get to bed earlier and get enough sleep (by setting alarms and also having my phone charging overnight further from my bed so I don’t scroll until 3/4am…)
  • Eating better and more regularly (primarily due to being at home and eating together as a family)
  • Keeping myself busy and not lying in bed all day, although I may have some bad days when I need to rest more and I want to hide away from people.
  • Journalling, just writing down my feelings, getting some of my concerns and worries outside of the prison of my mind. 
  • Keeping social contacts. Keeping in touch with friends and meeting up with them too, and also touching base every now and again with people who are aware of the things I struggle with on an everyday basis.
  • Colouring books are great for calming down and also keep some degree of creativity alive when you just want to sleep.
  • I use the mood app MoodTrack which is a great outlet for when I feel like crap but don’t want to bother anyone.
  • Volunteering (with Guides and a youth group) is good for depression because in helping others you can feel better about yourself.
  • I have had some real conversations with my mum about my mental health, instead of running away whenever she brings the topic up.
  • I am committed to not self harming because I really do not want to still be struggling with this when I have kids for example. I have removed shaving from my hygiene routine, so that it’s harder to get blades. Although I still slip up every now and again, I am trying.

So there’s a few ways I try to love myself and take care of myself.

href=””>♥Love yourself


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