Love yourself XIX

Day 19: Something I’ve done that scared me:

So as you will know if you’ve read some of my other blog posts, one particular struggle of mine is with self harm and self destructive behaviour. As a result I carry a lot of scars on my body, mostly on my arms.

My skin broadcasts my problems to the world (yay!) so it’s something I prefer to keep hidden, and covered up. 

Recently I’ve been doing better in terms of not hurting myself so much so I’m pretty much back to zero open wounds or scabs, and only scars.

I have a lot of anxiety around my scars and other people seeing them. Maybe you can relate to not wanting to seem weak or be a burden on others by making them worry about you? I’m hate any flaws or weaknesses I have and I fight to suppress them and not let anyone know I have problems which has proven to be an issue in my relationships…

Anyway, the other day as I was walking to my house I decided to do something which terrified me. I walked part of the way down the road to my front door. Now, it may have only been about 200m, and I may have hesitated to do straight away because I was waiting for a lady to pass by, but the fact is that I did it. And boy was it scary. D:

But I guess if we never leave our comfort zones then we can’t really grow as people. :)

Take care xxx
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