Love yourself XX

Day 20: My favourite kind of weather
Being the middle child of five means money has pretty much always been tight for us, my parents had to be more inventive perhaps with how we’d spend Saturdays

for example. As a result, we’ve always spent a lot of the holiday and weekend time in the out doors walking. I didn’t always love it as I do now. It used to be such a struggle for my parents to get us out of the house an on our way and sometimes we didn’t want to wear boots or a rain coat. I have had so many great childhood memories from these outings though, and having three brothers means a lot of games of manhunt on the way. :’) good times xD
Anyway, I love the weather. I love its changeability and the beauty in the wind, rain, snow, sun, rainbows and the magnificence of nature magnified. It’s just breathtaking. I can’t choose a favourite type of weather anymore than I could a favourite musical artist. Each is uniquely beautiful in its own right.
I love to sit in the sun and pretend I am the sun goddess absorbing its energy. Or to feel the rain hitting me and dripping down my face. O perhaps the game of catching a snowflake on my tongue or maybe the joy of finding the rainbow and excitedly pointing it out. I don’t know honestly, I don’t really have a favourite weather. :L

♥Love yourself


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