Love yourself XXI

Day 21: Why I love my family

Family is great. At least for me it has been, I know some people aren’t as fortunate sadly. :/ I mean no family is perfect, kids don’t come with an instruction manual, parents don’t always know what they’re supposed to do.

And kids are on a learning curve just as much, we’re not always kind as we should be, no matter how good our intentions may be when we get up in the morning. If you’re living in close proximity to someone else, you are likely to get on each other’s nerves sometimes, to find some things about them annoying and probably also be annoying sometimes.
My family is large I guess, or larger than most of my friends’ families anyway. And with married parents which are still living together we’re somewhat of an anomaly. It goes like this: my parents (49 & 55), my sister (26), three brothers (23, 18 & 15) and then my nephew who’s the cutest xD (he’s 5 in October).
My family isn’t always an easy thing to be part of, we have disagreements, arguments. There’s been bullying, some emotional abuse perhaps, but I know we mean well. We love each other, but people are selfish by nature.
Anyway, I love my family because they’ve always been there for me, and until we die we will always be there for one another. My family is clever, they’re funny, they give me hugs. Sometimes we don’t get on so well, but up to now we’ve always managed to fix it and I have hope that it will continue to be the case.
Yay for family xD

♥Love yourself


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