Love yourself XXIV

Day 24: How God has shown he loves me

Well, the clear answer to this one is that he sent Jesus his only son to die for me, so that I might have eternal life, enjoy life to the full here on earth and to know God. But how has God shown his love for me in my own personal life?

Well first off, by giving me life. Life is a blessing and each day is a gift (that’s why they call it the present ;)) God has provided for me in so many ways, giving me friends and family, helping me when I am stressed/anxious and I remember to pray, he’s given me a roof over my head and food and clean water. ( I am not saying that God loves certain people more because they are in better situations, each person is loved infinitely by God, God’s love for them is simply revealed in different ways in their life.) God has revealed his love to me in very real ways through worship for example, and he has also spoken through other people with words of wisdom and just generally kind things people say.

Another big one is that he has preserved my life. I don’t think I’ve really written much about this on my blog, but in my first year of uni I tried to kill myself and had to be rushed to hospital…anyway it was just amazing how God 1) didn’t let me die 2) He placed a Christian lady in the bed opposite me to pray for me 3) My parents were so loving and concerned towards me (not like how I feared they would be).

God is good, and his loving is just amazing.

God bless you, I hope you know how precious you are to God xoxox

♥ Love yourself


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