Love yourself – XXVI

Day 26: Something I miss about being a child

I don’t know if any of you have heard the song ‘stressed out’ by twenty one pilots?
Perhaps you can relate to the lyrics? I know I found it really resonates with me and how I feel about life now I’ve had to ‘grow up’. I never wanted to feel self- conscious or struggle with anxiety and depression. Kids are so care-free and full of life. I want that again. I don’t want to struggle so much to get out of bed and get through yet another day. Why is it such a daily struggle? When I was a kid I remember not wanting to go to sleep because I didn’t want the day to end. And now I don’t want to get up the mornings because I don’t want the day to start. Tragic. So, I miss being care-free, stress-free and not feeling self-conscious when I was a kid. Ahh those were the days… :’)
However, I also know I can’t live in the past, I have to find a new balance. I believe it is possible to experience that joy we once felt when we were young even as adults, it’s just harder to achieve.

God bless you xoxox

♥Love yourself


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