Love yourself – XXVII

Day 27: My core values?

Hmmm core values… well, being a Christian I could just state the golden rule which is just to treat others as you’d wish to be treated, and that does sum up my core beliefs pretty well to be honest, but I’m just going to go into a bit more detail. There are some things which I hold as core values, yet I frequently do things that conflict with it, but that doesn’t mean it stops being one of my core beliefs, it just means that I suck at being a good person… :L

One of my pet peeves is gossiping. I just hate it when people talk about another person when they’re not there to defend themselves. I’m probably quite annoying when I’m around other people who are doing this because I’ll tell them not to, but it’s not like I’m a hypocrite. I always like to pay careful attention to what comes out of my mouth, taking care not to say anything malicious. And that occasional time when I slip up, I end up feeling guilty for weeks after, maybe even months. Such fun :’) Something else which really frustrates me is judgement. When people think that they’re in any position to judge someone else on what they’re wearing, their appearance, or the things they say or do. Jesus himself said, “let him who is without sin throw the first stone”. How could people think of themselves as perfect and blameless, only God has the right to judge. Really, compared to Jesus, we’re all as bad as each other. No one has any right standing with God because of any ‘good things’ they’ve done. That’s just not a thing. It’s only because of Jesus that I have any hope of getting to heaven and of having a relationship with God my heavenly father. Surely the best thing would be to reach out to people in love, and try and help them find their way to Jesus also. No amount of condemnation is going to bring people to Jesus. Only God can do that, and God is love. :) Spread love not hate xoxox

♥Love yourself


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