Love yourself – XXIX

Day 29: Fave movie and why, what have I learned?

Damn, just one…? I don’t really know about favourite movie, although the first thing that springs to mind is the Lord of The Rings films… :’) I love them so much, and my family does too so we’ve watched them a lot. It’s just an epic film about good overcoming evil in the end. It has many underlying Christian themes and messages too which is nice for me ^_^ and I love all things mythical and magical, so any fairy-tale-like film instantly gets a yes from me. xD
Although Cool Runnings is also an awesome film!! (another family favourite) It just has such a positive message that anyone can do anything, you just have to try your hardest and believe in yourself, even if no one else thinks you can do it. You just have to prove everyone wrong.

♥Love yourself


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