Love yourself – XXX

Day 30: Some of my fave people and how they show they love me

I was thinking the other day for some reason about who I would want to be my bridesmaids and I realised that if I were to get married anytime soon then this would be an impossibly hard decision to make because there are too many people I am very fond of, who I’d love to involve in my wedding ceremony. But you can’t really have 30 bridesmaids… haha xD One of my best friends V, who was the first person who knew that not all was well with me. I always like to look like I’ve got my sh*t together…but I rarely do. She was the first to notice and the first person I actually felt I could open up to. She has been so supportive to me and has helped me to get professional help and is just lovely and always there for me. I have many friends who have no idea about my past eating disorder, or my daily struggles with depression, anxiety and self-destructive habits and behaviours, but they have unknowingly encouraged me and helped me more than they realised by a simple hug or a kind word. I’ve been so blessed in the ‘friends department’. Well-endowed you could say. (It does sound like I’m talking about boobs though hehe xD)
Sometimes all I’ve needed is something to distract me from the darkness in my mind, and hanging out with my friends, even when I haven’t really wanted to leave my room, has always helped. So thank you to all you friends who’ve helped me, you are more precious to me than you realise. I love you all so much xxx (Also thank you to people on here who have left kind comments for me, I really appreciate it, thanks ^_^)

♥Love yourself


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