Stressed out

I’m sorry I haven’t written in a while. Third year of university is pretty intense in so many ways. A lot of shit has gone down.

Right now I’m feeling pretty bad.

I miss my ex.

I can’t do my subject.

The depression and anxiety have been hitting pretty hard lately.

I am barely a functioning human. I just keep turning to alcohol to try and solve my problems. The main one being I just don’t want to exist right now.

And on top of that, I don’t think I believe in God anymore.

I just keep sleeping away the day, so that I don’t have to keep feeling what I’m feeling.

My hands feel heavy as I type, it’s so hard to do anything. I wish I could sleep forever. It’s too hard and painful to keep living, to keep existing.

Hope you’re doing better than I am right now xx


2 thoughts on “Stressed out

  1. bittersweetturns says:

    Hey there,
    Life is not a Mario game, you only have a single chance.
    Prove yourself, fight it, stand it. Be courageous.
    I know you can come out.
    Don’t drown, hold your hands, think!
    While writing this post, you introspected, this is the first step, you are doing great.
    Now what you need to do is eliminate all the negativity.
    1. Stop drinking
    2. If you miss your ex, talk to her, if circumstances doesn’t approve, go out, have fun with friends.
    3. Study in group, ask a friend to help in studies.

    You get to live your life once, do it proudly. Don’t be afraid,furthermore don’t be alone.
    All the best. :)


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