I really need to fix that leak

Does anyone have so many things to do that they just take a nap, or maybe watch some TV? There’s always something else to do, other than the thing you really need to do.

I am a procrastinator.

Pretty much everyone I’ve ever met has this problem too, to different degrees.

Studying for a university degree is hard enough without mental health issues as well. Fear of failure is one of the main things that drives me to put things off until tomorrow, next week, the night before the exam.

It’s so counter-productive, because the fear of failing can be the thing that pushes you to failing.

I think the main reason I procrastinate and struggle to get on with the things I need to do is because I have a deeply rooted fear of not being good enough, not being able to complete the task to a high enough standard. But scraping a pass is better than not submitting anything for an assignment, no?

I wish there was a quick fix for so many things. I especially wish I could just get on with things and not keep putting them off. I don’t really understand why there seems to be a weird mental block to getting things done and ticking off items from my ‘to-do’ list. In my appointment with my mental health mentor on campus yesterday, I mentioned how I still had yet to book a GP appointment, and to call up DSA about something, both things that I had said I needed to do a good month and a bit ago.

Sometimes I barely feel like a functioning person.

I barely get by from day to day and the vaguely ‘adult’ things that need to be done just don’t happen. I’m almost 21, I feel I should have my sh*t together by now.

Stay awesome :) xxx



lol xD


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