My first gig!!

If you saw me in person, you’d probably be pretty surprised that I only went to my first gig last night. I have quite an ‘alternative’ appearance and I do really enjoy music and dancing and generally maintaining quite a high level of energy in my life. I can’t say why I haven’t been to more gigs, or festivals for that matter, I guess it’s just because I haven’t had many close friends who’ve been interested in going and seeing live music.

Anyway, so I went to my first gig and I had such an awesome time; I just wanted to write a little about my experience, especially seeing as it was my first time.


We saw Boston Manor, with supporting acts Can’t Swim and Wallflower. I got the train up on Sunday afternoon with my friend Ellie to go see them in Bristol. The train journey was nice enough (even if we were cutting it pretty fine with regards to time…but we made it anyway), once we arrived at Bristol Temple Meads, we meandered our way into town, past the Christmas market, hoping to find a McDonald’s. In the end we had to settle for Burger King. After consuming god-knows-what, we walked to the venue. Ellie trusting in google maps and me putting my trust in her. xD Surprisingly we did make it to The Louisiana! We sat on a bench outside and finished our cans of cider(and I had a cheeky cigarette!), even though it was pretty chilly- brr! Then we went in and ordered a couple more drinks at the bar downstairs before the doors were opened.

After about 10/15 minutes, they opened the doors and we all filtered into the cosy room where there was a stage and just enough room for us all. I think Wallflower, then Can’t Swim warmed us up for Boston Manor. There were some hardcore fans there…then there was us. (Truthfully, we just picked a random band because we were feeling impulsive and spontaneous at 1am one day, so booked to go see some live music. We knew some of the lyrics, having done our ‘homework’, listening to the bands beforehand a bit.)

The energy was amazing in that room. I was buzzzzzzzzing, jumping up and down and whipping my hair with the best of them. ;) Got so sweaty by the end of it :’)

After the gig we ended up going back to someone’s house with one of the bands (Can’t swim I think) instead of getting the taxi to the airport like we were supposed to xD
We ended up missing our coach back home, and the train station was closed until 05:24, so we waited until then in a 24/7 service station McDonald’s. It wasn’t too bad, other than the cold and throwing up due to too much alcohol in the toilets… It was an adventure to say the least! ;) It wasn’t ideal to miss the coach back, but it certainly made it more eventful. Plus, we never would have met one of the bands if we’d just ‘lived according to the plan’.

Moral of the story: go to more gigs, and don’t worry if it doesn’t always go to plan- try and enjoy the adventure. #carpediem


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