My first gig!!

If you saw me in person, you’d probably be pretty surprised that I only went to my first gig last night. I have quite an ‘alternative’ appearance and I do really enjoy music and dancing and generally maintaining quite a high level of energy in my life. I can’t say why I haven’t been to more gigs, or festivals for that matter, I guess it’s just because I haven’t had many close friends who’ve been interested in going and seeing live music.

Anyway, so I went to my first gig and I had such an awesome time; I just wanted to write a little about my experience, especially seeing as it was my first time.

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What a weekend

(I wrote this post in June, but I thought I’d post it anyway. It was interesting to read it and to see how far I’ve moved forwards, and changed since I wrote this…)
What a weekend!

Okay, so it’s Wednesday now, and I have just had the most wonderful weekend ever. Or the best one in a while anyway xD I went up to Winchester to visit my lovely friend E who is such a bae and so much fun to hang out with. We went on adventures, had some good chats and made much food together. It was awesome! Continue reading

Still a mess.

Recently I celebrated my 21st birthday. Twenty one. That grand old age when every one says you have to have your shit together, with a ten year plan and your life all in order etc etc etc…

That is not the case for me. I’m sure from certain angles and in the right light, someone could assume that I have my shit together. However, in reality I’m pretty far from the ideal situation which I would like to be in.


My life…

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To be known

Lately, I haven’t been able to shake the feeling that I don’t fit in anywhere. I don’t belong. And I think that’s just something which comes with being me, and I don’t know how to fix it, or make peace with it.
I want to belong somewhere. I think that comes with the human condition, that we need to belong, feel loved, to be fully known and accepted by other people. Continue reading