Jesus carries the broken

“I’ve done too many bad things to be a Christian.” “You call yourself a Christian?! You used to sleep around more than any of us!”

I didn’t chose to follow Jesus because I’m a pretty good person and I’ve now earned my place in this ‘elite group in society’. Christianity is only for those that have realised they can’t make it on their own. I’ve simply given up struggling alone, now I have Jesus to help me along. Continue reading



So I tried to write some poetry, not really sure it worked but hey :P

Numb. That was all she felt. This overwhelming numbness. It was as if she were shrouded in it. Like she were surrounded by this cloud, numbing her emotions. Deadening her senses.
She no longer felt human and yet, she didn’t possess the physically indestructible nature of a machine.
In that moment she didn’t feel like she was 19, she felt old. As old as the earth. Continue reading