Love yourself – XII

Day 12: A physical flaw of mine and why it’s a good thing

“It’s okay to not be perfect all the time” she tells me.

“No, no it’s not. I have to be perfect. Or no one will like me otherwise. I need to be skinnier and prettier.”

“You really think that me and the others, your friends, don’t like you already, or would love you any more if you were ‘perfect’? Besides we are all perfectly flawed.”

I shrug, “Hmm if you say so.”

Each of us is perfectly flawed. It is our flaws, our quirks, in our appearance which people grow to recognise us by, and love. ❤ Continue reading

Keep fighting?

Trying to write a post about small accomplishments I have achieved, and yet I can’t think of anything worth recounting. I feel like a waste of space, a rather talentless one at that. Is there really any reason to keep living, what have I ever done that’s worthwhile?

Maybe I’m somewhat like a leach, I don’t really do anything to benefit anyone, I’m just here. Continue reading